Nin Jiom Cold Remedy Granules 5gx10s 念慈庵葛根汤


Product details of Nin Jiom Cold Remedy • 念慈罨葛根汤 • Effective Relief for Cold & Flu • Initial Stage Cold Flu • Block Nose • Headache • Muscular Ache • 5g x 10 Sachets 

  • Use for the relief of general discomforts due to common colds and flu, use during the initial stage of cold.
  • Headache, creeping chills, muscle pain and general soreness and in upper back
  • Stuffy nose and runny nose and body feverishness without sweating.
  • Contain 5g x 10 Sachets
  • Nin Jiom Cold Remedy concentrated granules are made from natural herbal extracts through a stringent quality control process.
  • It is highly convenient and easy to use as a granules dissolve readily in warm water without losing its original taste and flavour.