Miracle Organic Natto Enzyme (375ml)


The Miracle of Natto Enzyme: the Japanese are the world's oldest nationally recognized. Since the Japanese love to eat Natto, and Natto contains many of the beneficial biological objects, such as: vitamin B group, vitamin K, Saponins, Iso-flavones, amino acids and linoleic acid. Moreover, in the 1980's, Western scientists discovered the miracle effects of the Natto, a kind of enzyme in the original as Natto nattokinase, can break down blood clots in the prevention of myocardial infarction, high Blood pressure and so on. Cause of death in heart disease is ranked in the top three, so it can add the miracle of Natto Enzyme.


Nattokinase is an excellent enzyme, which can dissolve blood clots, and remove the clot blood vessels so that the normal flow of blood to prevent heart disease, stroke and other diseases. Therefore, Nattokinase is an excellent health care can prevent cardiovascular disease; and rewrite the new concept of prevention of cardiovascular disease products.

Plants in other natural fruits and vegetables, cannot find nattokinase, and only when the bacteria grow in the soybean will produce. This is also the Western scientists think that the Japanese will eat the Natto Sato as a daily food, is the main cause of longevity. Natto consumption in Japan has been more than a thousand years and found no side effects, Nattokinase is a safe prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, health food products.

Nattokinase can make the blood clean, preventing the formation of blood clots, reduce cholesterol, it can prevent floaters. Consumption of foods nattokinase can prevent thrombosis diseases coloring. Organic Natto is being used to produce Miracle Organic Natto Enzyme. Modern biotechnology in Japan, the essence of Natto is being extracted from it. Not add any chemicals, no alcohol, natural fermentation, the enzyme of the best, is a healthy food choice. For men and women to take.

8 benefits of Natto Enzyme (NK)


  1. Nattokinase dissolves blood clots can be safely and efficiently, and effectively prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases are very suitable for human consumption.
  2. Nattokinase also the role of platelet coagulation, the prevention of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, prevention of vascular aging, inhibition of fat deposition, lowering cholesterol, so that the function of blood flow smoothly.
  3. Rich of small molecule protein could have an effective anti-fatigue, adjusting the body balance, aging, prevention of dementia.
  4. Can be strong bones, prevent and improve osteoporosis, so drink plenty of osteoporosis in patients with Natto Enzyme, a good solution to the problem of osteoporosis in the elderly.
  5. Natto Enzyme gastrointestinal bacteria has a strong regulatory role, can inhibit the harmful intestinal bacteria and create a good living for the beneficial bacterial environment for intestinal flora to recover and achieve a healthy dynamic balance, enhance human Digestive function and disease resistance. To quickly resolve constipation, enteritis, diarrhea and other issues.
  6. Iso-flavones in Natto enzyme help in relieving menopausal syndrome, is a highly efficient activity of Iso-flavone phytoestrogens, can improve female hormone levels of menopausal women, to relieve the surface heat, flushing, manic, dizziness, insomnia, Depression and other menopausal symptoms, no drug-induced side effects.
  7. Natto Enzyme prevents oxidation of cells, and further have the effect of cancer prevention.
  8. Weight loss, cosmetic results: Natto Enzyme in the sticky protein polysaccharide peptide from glutamic acid to a special composition, it has a similar effect with dietary fiber, are not absorbed in the intestine, water absorption is very high, growth yields up Time satiety, reduce body fat absorption.