Möller’s Omega-3 Gummy Jelly Gel Fish Strawberry


Möller’s Omega-3 Gummy Fish comes in three amazing flavours: Strawberry, Orange-Lemon and Tutti-Frutti mix.

The product contains the same nutritious Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D as our flagship Möller’s Cod Liver Oil. These nutrients are essential to the healthy growth and development of young children.

Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most important raw nutrients that infants and children need to develop the brain*. As Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the body, dietary supplements such as Möller’s Gummy Fish help to ensure that your child gets an optimal amount of Omega-3 daily.

Vitamin D supports calcium absorption, thus promoting proper growth of the skeletal system. Take Möller’s Omega-3 Gummy Fishes daily for optimal physical and mental development.

Möller’s Omega-3 Gummy Fishes do not contain any artificial colouring agents or sweeteners